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Pastor Angela Ramnath,Ph.d

Angela Ramnath is the wife of Dr. Pepe Ramnath, Senior Pastor of Miramar Christian Center International. They have been married since 1986, and have three beautiful children, Matthew, Joshua, and Leah. Angela is a registered nurse by profession and Vice President of Dove Environmental Laboratories where she works at this time. Besides working at Dove and taking care of the home and children, Angela finds time in her busy schedule to help her husband in ministry and administrate the Esther Gathering Women's Ministry and the Arise Esther Conferences.

God has called Angela to ministry, in the area of family, children, marriage, and mentoring women. She believes that ministry should be fun, enjoyable, adventurous and tangible or else it should not be done. Part of Angela's extensive adventures includes being an extra in the movie by Tommy Tenney, "One Night With The King." Her illustrated sermons add humor and practical insights for effective Kingdom living.

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