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MCCI History

Established in June of 1995

Senior Pastors Pepe Ramnath, accompanied by his wife, Angela Ramnath and the Evangelistic Team, formerly known as "Florida Trinidad Ministries", founded Miramar Christian Center through the instruction of the Holy Spirit in 1995. Senior Pastors Pepe and Angela Ramnath have three children; Matthew, Joshua and Leah. They are dedicated and loving parents to their three natural children, as well as nurturing, supportive, spiritual parents to the body of Miramar Christian Center. Pastor Pepe Ramnath's ministry is especially known for its Atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, where there are mighty manifestations of God's miraculous healing power. Many are healed from all manner of diseases, filled with the Holy Spirit and established in a lifestyle of good character through the rich, insightful and revelatory Word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit.. Pastor Pepe and Angela Ramnath has supportive a leadership team that assist them in fulfilling the vision of this ministry.

After conducting evangelistic services in Florida and the island of Trinidad, Dr. Pepe and Angela decided to work through an evangelistic ministry called, "Florida - Trinidad Ministries". Dr. Pepe and Angela along with a group of close friends and family members traveled to Trinidad and several cities in Florida conducting Holy Spirit Miracles services hundreds of people were healed, saved and sent to the local churches.

After several years of traveling, Pastor Cecil Lamb of the Spirit and Ministries, who was Pastor Pepe and Angela Pastor, advised them to start a Bible study in their home. This Bible Study grew to where the home could not accommodate the attendance. During this time one of the students, Selwyn, gracefully opened his home for more Bible studies. The Bible study outgrew both houses and they moved to a shopping plaza in Miramar called King's Plaza.

Miramar Christian Center has been conducting services at the King's for plaza for over thirteen (13) years. A great opportunity was presented to the church to purchased four (4) acres of land and submitted plans to build a multi-faceted structure to facilitate the vision.

Miramar Christian Center has become a multi-national church, hence, renaming the ministry to, The Miramar Christian Center, International. It was here, that Pastor Cecil Lamb advised Dr. Ramnath to seek spiritual covering from Dr. Myles Munroe's Ministries, Bahamas Faith Ministries, International, due to the international focus and vision as he remains a Senior Consultant to the ministry.

The ministry now travels around the world with its conference, speaking engagements and has been given the privilege of meeting several heads of states and governmental authorities. Its programs can be seen around the privilege of meeting several heads of states and governmental authorities. Its programs can be seen around the world through television and internet fulfilling the global vision mandated by God. Though the headquarters is located in Miramar its impact can be felt around the world through its global affiliations and many churches that has been being established by the vision.

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