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Esther Gathering Womens Ministry

The Esther Gathering Conference has been in existence in the States since 2000. In 2006 Arise Esther (Becoming A Women of Influence) was published and in 2007 the conference went international. Arise Esther was written as a result of my passion to reach out to others and help encourage women to be all that they can be. I believe that like Esther, we have royal blood flowing through our veins, and the sooner we realize it and change our mindset, the sooner we can start enjoying all that life has to offer. These conferences are targeting teen-agers, singles, married, separated, divorced and widowed, but not limited only to women, men are also blessed.

Most importantly, by the end of the conference women should feel more confident, become prayer warriors like Esther and impart the Esther anointing of great favor and grace upon their lives. We expect thousands of lives to be changed forever.


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